Podcast Interview on Skywalking Through Neverland!

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The amazing team of Sarah and Richard Woloski have interviewed me for episode 14 of their beloved podcast, Skywalking through Neverland, in which we discuss  everything from my new comic, Empire of the Wolf, to my work for the Star Wars universe, particularly the web-series The Despotica.

You can find the episode 14 podcast on YouTube, iTunes, or download it here!

UPDATE February 2014: Skywalking Through Neverland’s Sarah Woloski has informed me that the interview has become one of their most popular downloaded episodes. Right now they’re having a giveaway for listeners until 2/25/14. Sign up on Facebook for some out-of-this-world memorabilia: https://www.facebook.com/skywalkingthroughneverland/photos/a.1442863882605741.1073741830.1442179389340857/1529661420592653/?l=774ef31a05.

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