EMPIRE OF THE WOLF issue #1 available on comiXology!

Werewolves in Ancient Rome! A big day over here! At long last, the product of many years of work is available for sale.

Alterna Comics and Sword & Planet have premiered the first of my four issue Roman werewolf epic, Empire of the Wolf, on Comixology! PURCHASE COMIC HERE!

EOW01-000-1-frontcover-revisedFormer Marvel Comics’ editor-in-chief and longtime Conan the Barbarian writer Roy Thomas has given it high praise: “Writer/creator Michael Kogge and artist Dan Parsons have mingled fantasy and history in a way that would do Robert E. Howard proud!  I can’t wait to see the second issue!”

The four issue series was created and written by Michael Kogge, with art by Dan Parsons (Game of Thrones and Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi) and David Rabbitte (Star Wars Insider), coloring by Chris Summers (Spartacus: Blood & Sand) and David Rabbitte, and lettering by Marshall Dillion (Street FighterGame of Thrones, and Green Hornet).

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